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Creative Director
Heath Howe
Managing Director
Joe Rowley
Business Director
Simon Best
Technology Director
Liam Kenny


Director of Client Success

Danielle Morgan

Lead CGI Artist

Philipp Lykostratis

Animation lead

Maikel van der Veen

Business Associate

Jools Hughes

Web Development

Design & Direction

heath howe

Animation & Development
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Content Management

joe rowley

3d Visual Effects

Philipp Lykostratis



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Performed by August Wilhelmsson
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Composed by Hampus Naeselius
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In Continuum

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Performed by Dream Cave
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Alex Davis
Charlie Kay
Daniel Basin
Harry Hammond
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Jon McFarlane
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Kalene Rowley
Marco Flammini
Marshall Hitipeuw
Will Jeffery

By each dream and every design
a bridge between worlds and their infinite mysteries are forever born.

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We build worlds

Sea of Thieves
Coffee Stain
Creative Assembly
Hand crafted tools and systems

Dynamic & proactive processes


Status Effect prides themselves on continued education and knowledge acquisition. Using proprietary and industry standard tools, we can ensure that your campaign will operate on the cutting edge of advancement.
Harmoniously leveraged data

Compelling & enhanced value propositions


Blending world class, creative visionaries with some of the brightest, analytical minds in the field, Status Effect has created the perfect recipe for success to ensure we unlock unseen potential in your brand strategy.
Adept lens of perspective

Authentic & ambitious brand communication


All members of Status Effect are driven by an intense passion to create long lasting legacies for the brands to which we are entrusted. We are entrenched within the ecosystem and community, giving us a firm grasp of its pulse.
Visual narrative opportunities

Masterfully executing engagement & representation


The Status Effect team conceives new and original worlds to fuel brands and unlock the audience's imagination. Reach for the stars as we explore uncharted waters and realms of magic and mystery.
Passion drives creativity while creating
Immersive worlds & adventures


Art and creativity drive us; motivating our studio to create new worlds and immersive adventures. While navigating the digital frontier, we embed ourselves into the fabric that makes your brand unique; discovering themes and narratives that we can leverage for success.
3D animation • trailers & film • Brand identity
confidently lead & execute strategies for a
Connection between brand & audience


We’ve worked with gaming leaders across the industry to deploy fresh and captivating community engagements and incentives. Build effective campaigns by harnessing systems that support player focused value.
Community • Brand • Influencer
Turnkey solutions for activation needs with
Engineering & product management


While our artists are hard at work creating visual masterpieces, our designers & engineers are incorporating their artistic creations into real-time, seamless environments that will dispatch audiences on journeys like never before.
Broadcast • Website • Product
The prophecy returns

Sea of thieves

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Case Study


Operators flawlessly supervised and directed this marathon broadcast over the full duration of 48 hours.


Engineers worked closely with Rare Ltd. DevOps to create and schedule real time, in-game player interactions & rewards.


We collaborated with Creative Director, Mike Chapman, to execute cinematic renders which revealed game narratives.


Twitch Drop strategies & directory raids were devised to reward & grow the community during this festive period.
Capturing imaginations

The challenge

It had become customary for Microsoft’s flagship title, Sea of Thieves, to capture the hearts and minds of audiences each holiday season. Status Effect had already set the marketing strategy bar for the game through multiple years of consistent community & influencer activations. Now it was time to take things to the next level and surprise the community once more during another mysterious, marathon broadcast that would energize players for another year.
Long term trust

The solution

The Status Effect team had long since established themselves as stakeholders within Rare Ltd. and had been influential in many feature decisions for the game. Our team approached and worked directly with Creative Director of the game, Mike Chapman, to plan a series of broadcast assets that would simulate a living, live environment filled with world premier moments. The magic really grew with our innovative execution of tying real time, in-game interactions to clues in the broadcast. Allowing players to earn rewards in-game.
Inspiring the industry

The experience

The audience was enamored with our handcrafted, cinematic animations and the community was on fire dissecting the mysteries we presented. Leading to months and months of speculation about future updates coming to the game. The activation was a resounding success, rejuvenating both players & content creators in their adventures within this one-of-a-kind pirate fantasy. From a brand perspective, the positive ripples were felt far and wide, surpassing the expected ROI and bringing momentum to other sectors of the game.
Proving a point

Historic metrics

Our original strategies boast player engagement numbers, both in-game and external, that far exceed standard market performance and serve as a market pillar.
+ 460k watched hours + 9.3k CCU
Setting the standard

Cinematic Premiers

We offer tailored, cinematic animations and graphics for every single component we manage within this brand’s portfolio. This results in socials, livestreams, and premiers that stand above.
Community involved

Creator driven

Behind every successful community is a mutually aligned plan of success that includes content creators. Our team has built authentic relationships with these creatives for many years.
Sea of thieves
Sea of thieves
Sea of thieves
The best of the best

Dead by daylight

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Case Study


All eyes were on us as we created an extraordinary design package for what would be the most successful Dead by Daylight event.


We created a seamless interface to track and display real time game data to the audience with supplementary "hook" information.


Top streamer, Hexy, entrusted us to compose a community strategy that would motivate the audience to tune in week after week.


We took to creating a mysterious and spooky broadcast package that would immerse viewers in the world of Dead by Daylight.
To the rescue

The challenge

The name Hexy carries far and wide within horror directories on Twitch, and in this moment the top Dead by Daylight streamer was left in a tight jam. Disappointed and abandoned by a previous agency, Hexy was left with just four weeks until his crowdsourced tournament with a prize pool of $15,000 would begin. Fortunately, Status Effect was positioned and ready to jump in with a turn-key solution that would save the day.
Into the fog

The solution

Our team started from scratch, creating a storyboard of ideas and designs that would energize the game’s audience. Dead by Daylight tournaments had notoriously been done poorly up to this point, so we were determined to sculpt not only a visual masterpiece but also a series that was fun to play in and watch.
A lasting impression

The experience

Audiences were captivated with our smooth and haunting broadcast transitions, with on-air talent coming directly from Hexy himself and well known caster, Dowsey. Across four weeks, viewership numbers continued to rise leaving the community unanimously in agreement that this was the gold standard for Dead by Daylight tournaments. Following the event, Behaviour Interactive enjoyed our supplementary “hook” counter in the broadcast so much that they would end up putting this feature directly into the game.
Spooky engagement

Chilling effect

Top Twitch streamer, Hexy, required the full package to execute this one of a kind event. Allowing him to rest easy with the project in our hands.
+ 230k watched hours + 10.5k CCV + 1.5mm unique views
Long term results

Impact design

Our broadcast package for this event was so comprehensive that our new “hook counter” design was picked up by Behaviour Interactive and brought in-game.
Player tracking

Custom systems

Our engineers created a dashboard to allow observers and referees the ability to track and update player data in real time. Translating to unique lottie animations within the broadcast.
Dead by daylight
Dead by daylight
Dead by daylight
The phoenix protocol

Rainbow six

Watch Trailer
Case Study


Top tier on-air talent from within the esports scene was integrated into this adrenaline inducing event.


We worked closely with The Prince’s Trust to orchestrate a powerful introduction of the charity into the gaming space.


Designed a compelling broadcast package, blending the world of Rainbow Six with fast paced and exciting esports graphics.


Our artists and engineers onboarded and collaborated with rising esports talent from Staffordshire University.
Fresh strategy

The challenge

Status Effect had grown a close relationship with Danielle Morgan, who had been critical in many of the advancements our team had made over the years. Working closely with her on this event, it became clear that the UK charity, The Prince’s Trust, was motivated to enter into the world of video game activations. This placed us in a position to consult and guide the charity as we developed an activation action plan.
Esports veterans

The solution

The strategy was in place, with our designers swiftly at work creating a comprehensive esports package that would fuel audiences while also resulting in a positive effect for the charity. We worked closely with Jakub Szmyt, establishing operations within the esports broadcast facility at Staffordshire University. Graphics packages, animations, transitions, and camera feeds were all meticulously planned and executed.
Global operation

The experience

Our entire production operation for this event in particular was staged around the globe, with operators and observers on location in Staffordshire, and our designers and strategists supporting from the United States. Operational processes were streamlined and effective while we accomplished this memorable show. Casters and players filled the broadcast with fun commentary and exciting gameplay, proving that esports events can be effective charity tools.
Well received

Unique moments

Our original strategies boast player engagement numbers, both in-game and external, that far exceed standard market performance and serve as a market pillar.
+ 11.5k watched hours + 2,000 CCV + 133,500 unique views
Charitable activation

Secured trust

We worked closely with representatives from the charity, The Prince’s Trust, to ensure that branding and representation aligned appropriately for their first venture into gaming.
Star talent

Thrilling story

We were successful in onboarding fan favorite casters, Jessica Bolden, Ollie Hatton, and Derry Holt, the latter of which shaved his eyebrows on stream and stole the show.
Rainbow six
Rainbow six
Rainbow six
Roadside attraction

Midnight ghost hunt

Watch Trailer
Case Study


Coffee Stain Publishing was in need of a fresh strategy to invigorate the playerbase of Midnight Ghost Hunt.


A portfolio of treatments were created, ultimately leading to a direction that pleased both the publisher and development studio.


Our 3D artists produced a cinematic animation that would transport the audience on an ectoplasm fueled adventure.


As horror veterans, our team was positioned with an influencer strategy that would define Midnight Ghost Hunt.
Inspiring the community

The Challenge

Coffee Stain Publishing approached Status Effect with a desire to create new community strategies for their popular prop hunt game, Midnight Ghost Hunt. Through years of experience in community management and strategy for Rare Ltd. and Xbox Game Studios, we were already filled with fresh ideas that would help the game make a statement to their community.
Influencer strategy

The Solution

Working closely with Coffee Stain and Vaulted Sky Games during this project, we leaned hard into our familiarity with the horror genre and content creators within our network to design a proposal that would leverage key themes from the game, upcoming content DLCs, as well as unique reward distribution methods through Twitch. In true fashion to our turn-key nature, this package not only included influencer strategy but also a brand identity portfolio and 3D animations bringing life to the game.
Immersive creations

The Experience

Status Effect prioritizes low bandwidth solutions, so we developed effective work processes to ensure that asset management and requests remained unobtrusive for the publisher and studio, while also ensuring the full vision was delivered. We tapped into the vast library of Midnight Ghost Hunt game assets, rebuilding and replicating effects and styles that were authentic to the game engine, as we created immersive CGI videos and broadcast assets that would be used for this one-of-a-kind activation strategy.
Integrated creations

Project synergy

From the Xbox Game Studio ecosystem, Status Effect has developed many systems and processes that allow for seamless asset management and requests, enabling an uninterrupted development team.
True to the game

Alluring animation

Status Effect replicated the game environment, building out familiar and new animations resulting in an immersive CGI video.
Influencer network

Creator strategy

We had seen wild success in our Dead by Daylight creator strategies and were able to present Coffee Stain Publishing with a variety of unique ideas.
Midnight ghost hunt
Midnight ghost hunt
Midnight ghost hunt
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